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Bicycling Magazine Magazine Review March 2009

The belt replaces a standard chain, and along with the three-speed internal hub eliminates grease, rust, lubrication, tension adjustment and nearly all other drivetrain-related maintenance issues. The belt drive feels remarkably similar to a chain drive, except it's eerily silent. And it performs well too. One rider tested its reliability by committing the ultimate shifting no-no—gearing down while standing up to pedal on a hill—and although the shifter resisted slightly, the belt responded smoothly.

Bicycling Magazine Video Review March 2009

Washington Post 7/18/04

"….and in place of the usual chain you’ll find a rubber belt system—goodbye grease-streaked slacks."

Stuff magazine-UK
"It’s rare for us here at Stuff to get excited about a folding bike but occasionally we will stop to look at one on the way to our expensive German sportscars. The iXi bike caught our eye. It has a radical belt drive system, which runs smooth and quiet and doesn’t need any of that nasty clothes-staining oil."
Auto Express-UK
"Having forked out for a bike, the last thing you want is for you and your car to be covered in its chain grease. But this can be hard to avoid when getting the cycle in and out.
...... features an oil free rubber belt – so you can ride without having to worry about getting any oil on your clothes."

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