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Frame Design

 Frame design must include close attention to the following critical issues:







Rear Frame Separation

Unlike a traditional bicycle chain, the CDRIVE belt cannot be broken for installation. The rear end of frame should either be able to be opened at the rear dropout, or have an elevated chainstay design. For interested customers we offer our custom designed CDRIVE horizontal dropout. Our rear drop out can be easily adapted to any properly designed bicycle frame.






The alignment of the belt in a straight line is crucial to a successful application of the CDRIVE system. The system requires the frame to be made to close tolerances in order that the Beltline (chainline) is accurately aligned and permits a minimum of frame flex (see FRAME STIFFNESS).








Dropout Design

Dropout design should allow for proper tensioning of the belt. Cycle Drive Systems recommends the use of a standard horizontal dropout design or a vertical dropout with eccentric bottom bracket. (CAD drawings are available.)










Frame Stiffness

Proper stiffness of the bicycle frame is critical. In order to support the additional tension required by a belt drive, your frame must comply with our Frame Stiffness Requirements.
  1.         Measure the distance between the rear dropouts
  2.            Apply a compressive force of 10 kilograms to the rear dropouts
  3.            Maintaining the force, measure the reduction distance between the dropouts,
This is your displacement result
Testing Force: 10 kg/f
Maximum Displacement: 5mm

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