frame design gearing detail

System Components



Front Sprocket

Our front sprocket is available in three different sizes. The number preceding the ‘T’ refers to the number of teeth encircling each sprocket. The corresponding image displays sprocket diameter.






Rear Sprocket

Our rear sprocket is available in either a 3-Spline or 9-Spline pattern. For rear hub compatibilities please refer to the diagram to the right.








Belts are engineered to high precision using a material blending which includes carbon fiber reinforcing. We are constantly pursuing stronger and more effective material composites for our belts. Our current belt offering is a third generation design.







Optional Components

Pulley Guide

The pulley guide serves a dual purpose – as a belt tensioner and support device. The pulley guide attaches easily to a horizontal dropout where it can be adjusted to prevent the belt from sliding on the rear cog. There are three versions of the Pulley Guide that have been specifically designed to work with various internal hubs.






Belt Tensioner

Our CDRIVE belt tensioner provides easy application and tension adjustability. Compatible with horizontal rear dropouts only.







CJP Bracket

This cassette joint acts as a shifting cable guide for use with Shimano brand internal gear hubs.


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