CDRIVE Solutions

Enhancing Value 

Recent Advancements in toothed belt technology have made it possible to successfully use belts in place of a bicycle chain. Since the CDRIVE system first appeared on a bicycle in 2005, increasing numbers of bike manufacturers have employed belt drive systems to enhance the appeal of their product lines. With rising consumer interest, belt driven bikes will represent an increasing market share for certain categories of bicycles. CDRIVE can help bicycle companies capitalize on this emerging market segment with a cost effective solution.


The CDRIVE Solution

Cycle Drive Systems recognizes a sustained future for belt driven bicycles. Owing to an active R&D program, CDRIVE utilizes the most cost effective materials in order to provide the bicycle industry with an economical, effective and modern belt drive solution. The current CDRIVE component system offers proven performance and value for bike models where the benefits of a belt drive provide enhanced marketing appeal.

While not suitable for certain performance bicycles such as off-road, mountain biking or racing, the CDRIVE belt system has been designed to operate in categories where a belt system can deliver the most effective advantage to bicycle manufacturers.These bikes include Electric, City/Trekking, Folding, Leisure and various Children's models. Ongoing product development combined with detailed sales and engineering support make CDRIVE a very effective belt drive supply partner.

















































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